Mission & Values


The company’s main strategic goals are to:
  •  become the worldwide supplier of choice for the production of Sikorsky BLACK   HAWKTM helicopters and helicopter components
  •  develop and construct products of its own design and to introduce them to the   world market
  •  maintain a balanced production portfolio by partnering with worldwide aviation  industry leaders
  •  provide service and support for PZL Mielec legacy aircraft
These goals can be achieved by constant improvement of the quality of our products and continued investment in design and manufacturing technology.
The long term goals of PZL Mielec are to be the final designer and producer of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft known world-wide for high performance, outstanding quality, and robust reliability. As the marketplace becomes more demanding and increasingly competitive, PZL Mielec seeks to maintain a leading position through relentless continuous improvement, strong investment in research and development, and strategic partnerships with leaders in the aviation industry. At the same time, PZL Mielec seeks to maintain its position as the leader among its peers in ethical business practices, strong employee, community and regional partnerships, and unequalled performance in environmental, health, and safety areas.
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