M28 in the ranks of the Police in state of Arizona



Phoenix, Arizona – Two M28 aircraft manufactured by PZL Mielec joined the ranks of the Police in state of Arizona. The Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ DPS) received it from the US Air Force by the programme, which allows the acquisition of equipment from military surplus. The first of the aircraft on Tuesday, October 20th, took part in the exercises of special police team State Trooper SWAT, whose task was a recapture of the hands of terrorists the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River.


Both aircraft joined Arizona State Police from the US Air Force, where for 4 years they have been used in military missions. Before transference to new owner, the planes had to undergo FAA certification authorizing them to civil exploitation.


The aircraft will be used to transport special forces and their equipment throughout the state of Arizona, as well as to support activities of other public safety agencies, such as the fire brigade to put out forest fire, or in transporting fuel tanks for other aircraft. Thanks to M28, time of response in crisis situations will be improve significantly. Time of arrival to distant places that do not have paved, adapted to flight operations airstrips, will be reduced also.


M28 aircraft at one time can hold 18 police officers with equipment and a police robot destined to neutralize the explosives used during anti-terrorist actions. After removing the seats plane can carry 2 tons of cargo. Pilots supporting the Department of Public Safety also appreciated the unique ability of short takeoff and landing offered by M28.


The first mission of AZ DPS with using M28 aircraft, were exercises of special police team State Trooper SWAT, which took place on Tuesday, October 20th. The police task was to recapture from the hands of terrorists Glen Canyon Dam located on the Colorado River, on the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada.

M28 is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft of class STOL (short takeoff & landing), designed to perform tasks of local/cargo transport,  parachuting operations, medical evacuation, patrol and maritime reconnaissance and search and rescue missions. In military version marked M28B Bryza from over 20 years aircraft is used in the Polish Armed Forces. M28 is most commonly used to transport people, food, medicines, specialized medical equipment. Aircraft repeatedly supported the rescue, for example after the tsunami in Indonesia in December 2004. M28 aircraft that are in US Army (designated as C-145), also took part in missions in Afghanistan, where they were used to transport cargo, dump supplies in the zone of action, transport special groups and the evacuation of the wounded.

Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Sp.  z o.o. (PZL Mielec) - is the biggest in Poland aviation manufacturer whose history dating back to the interwar period. Owing to the development of R&D facilities and enlargement  of its portfolio to produce S-70i™ BLACK HAWK helicopters, the company is currently the most advanced technologically representative of the domestic aviation industry. PZL Mielec provides its customers the highest quality, on-time delivery and service. PZL Mielec is also a leader among domestic exporters of military equipment. Within 20 years of production M28 aircraft has been sold to Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, Colombia, and recently also to US Special Forces and Jordan.

Aircraft exercises of the AZ DPS, in which took part aircraft from Mielec, were attractive for local media. Detailed account of this event, in the form of video content can be viewed via the following links:


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